I mentioned in Wednesday’s post that hubby and I went to Kiddicare on Tuesday primarily to try to narrow down our choice of pushchair, as we didn’t really know what we wanted. I’ve blogged before about advice we’d been given as to what to look for in a pram/travel system, but to be honest we still didn’t know how any of this would work in practice and were feeling pretty… View Post

Hub and I took a long-anticipated trip to Kiddicare yesterday. I’ll write about that more in another post but it was something he said the night before that got me thinking: what are the essential items that we need for a newborn? This pondering was brought about by hub declaring that surely we only needed to look at pushchairs in Kiddicare? We’ve already purchased a bedside crib, what more could… View Post

This week has, thankfully, been less eventful than the last two, but has still involved a trip to see a medical professional! I worked three days this week which has meant that blogging has had to take a little bit of a back seat (I know, I missed posting anything on Friday, I’m sorry). As it happens, I had planned for Friday to be a fabulous blogging/commenting/cleaning/sorting day before half… View Post

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve made some pretty drastic changes to our income in the past six months – resigning from my job has almost halved our income. I’ve been doing supply but my main objective has been to pay off my credit card before the 0% period ends and hubby has been taking care of the household stuff. We’ve been ticking along quite nicely. Anyway,… View Post

Well, after last week’s worry I was hoping for a slightly calmer week in this pregnancy, and by and large I did get it, although I let my anxiety get the better of me which created a bit of an issue! On the Friday that the midwife came to listen to baby’s heartbeat after my small bleed, she told me that if I was concerned then I could call Medicom… View Post