#Blogtober2016 Day 3: If I won the lottery…

So, for day three of Blogtober I have been tasked with writing about what I’d do if I won the lottery. For arguments sake, let’s assume this is a whopping great big life changing amount of several million, rather than just a few hundred thousand (although that would be nice too; but it would change how I spent it). I’d start by paying off the mortgage. No, scrap that. I’d… View Post

#Blogtober2016 Day 2: An old photo of me

I don’t really have any old photographs of myself, especially in digital form. My brother kindly put this one on Facebook a few years ago to ‘celebrate’ my birthday. I’ve cropped him out (to protect his privacy, you understand!) so it’s just little old me. I’m not entirely sure when this was taken, but looking at the size of me it was probably at some time during the mid eighties.… View Post

#Blogtober16 Day 1: Who are you?

I’m Jules, I’m in my early thirties (I can still just about say that!) and I live in Norwich with my lovely hubby and four month old daughter, Little M. Up until having Little M I worked as a primary school teacher. It all got a bit stressful so a year ago I took the decision to leave my full time job as a senior teacher and started supply teaching.… View Post

Blogtober 2016

So, I talked earlier in the week about how I hadn’t blogged for a while and felt I’d lost my blogging mojo. Well, I think I’ve found something to help me to get back into it! The lovely Mandi at Hex Mum Plus One has devised a Blogtober blog challenge for October. I’m going to try my hardest to follow it so you’ll (hopefully!) see a few more posts from me… View Post

Meet the Parents – Advice for New Mummies and Daddies from Belle du Brighton

Welcome back to my guest series on advice for new and expectant parents. This week we’re chatting with Lauren who blogs at Belle du Brighton. Tell me a bit about you, your blog and your family. We’re a family of 4, I’m Lauren and my husband is Sam. He’s 4 years younger than me and people always seem interested in that fact although we rarely even remember! We have two… View Post