Car Seat Safety

I mentioned on Twitter the week before last that I went to the Mothercare Expectant Parent Event and listened to a talk on car seat safety by the Norfolk Road Safety Team. In short, it was terrifying. There were videos showing dummy babies being flung out of incorrectly fitted car seats at a mere thirty miles per hour (they might as well have just been laid straight on the back… View Post

NCT Classes – sessions 2 and 3

Last week I blogged about our first NCT class and what it involved. Someone commented that they’d like to hear about what would happen next so I thought I’d write about it some more! Since that post we’ve had another two-hour evening session and an all day Saturday session. I have to admit, they have been really helpful and the course leader has been much better about answering all of… View Post

Pregnancy Diary Week 32

Last week was a bit of a curve ball in the pregnancy. We’d been prepared for the possibility of complications due to my Polycystic Kidney Disease, but I suppose we didn’t really entertain the idea of anything else being an issue. Least of all the possibility of the baby being breech. Which I imagine is quite possibly statistically more likely than someone of my age and good health suffering complications… View Post

The 5 Things Body Confidence Challenge

Earlier this week I was set the challenge to focus on five things that I like about my body by Eilidh over at Mummy and Monkeys. Eilidh quite rightly pointed out that, like most women, she rarely considers the positive aspects of her own body, and recognises that this needs to change! Like Eilidh (and probably the majority of women out there) I have been guilty of focusing on the… View Post

My Breech Baby at 32 Weeks

Well, the 32 week scan didn’t turn out quite as I was expecting. I suppose in some ways it did, in that the baby was once again described as ‘awkward’ but now it’s starting to have some potential ramifications. Firstly, extended breech. Again. Just like at 28 weeks. This means that her feet were up around her head, with her bottom down in my pelvis. So no chance of confirming… View Post