Hospitals are funny places aren’t they? Such a mish-mash of people. I’ve spent quite a significant proportion of my day today (I’m writing this on Tuesday in, you guessed it, the hospital waiting room) at the hospital. Not entirely pregnancy-related and not all for matters pertaining to myself (which I won’t go into, because it’s not my business to share) but it has reminded me again how great the NHS… View Post

Pregnancy Diary Week 26

Twenty-six weeks of pregnancy. I feel like I say it every week, but it’s true, I never thought I’d be this pregnant! This week has been fairly standard pregnancy-wise. I’ve got a bit bigger but other than that there have been no real dramas (for which I am of course very grateful)! One thing I have noticed is that the baby had been not so much kicking, but moving around… View Post

Baker Days Gluten Free Easter Letterbox Cake Review and Giveaway

This week I have been lucky enough to review a personalised gluten free Easter letterbox cake from Baker Days. Baker Days have a lovely selection of cake designs on their website, from birthday, mother’s day, Easter to sorry and One Direction cakes! Almost all designs can be personalised making them a quick and easy option for a special occasion. You can just choose the design, select the flavour, add your… View Post

Maternity Allowance

As I have mentioned before, I left my permanent full-time job as a senior leader teacher last September to be a supply teacher. The change in my well-being has been huge and I have no regrets about taking the leap and resigning. However, obviously it has meant a big change in my income (particularly as I’ve chosen to only work three days per week due to my pregnancy) and because… View Post

Pregnancy Diary Week 25

Well, this has been a pretty uneventful week in my pregnancy! I’m sorry it doesn’t make for particularly interesting reading but I’m pleased to be free from the worry of the past few weeks. I’ve worked a few days this week and as ever the children have been interested in my pregnancy. I must admit I have played the pregnancy card a few times; “It would be a really big… View Post