Pregnancy Diary Week 13

So, this week the first pregnancy scan happened. I’m not going to lie, I was bricking it. The appointment wasn’t until after lunch so hubby had gone to work for the morning and I spent the morning, well, irrationally worrying if I’m honest. Largely due to the fact that I’d been experiencing regular discomfort on the left side of ‘that’ area from early on, I’d decided that either the pregnancy… View Post

Pregnancy Diary Week 12

This week has been a strange one pregnancy wise. We’re still waiting for the scan to happen next week and my tummy seems to have grown – I’m not sure if it’s bump or bloat but I’ve had to resort to maternity trousers and jeans this week as my regular clothes simply aren’t going to cut it. As a consequence, I just look all-round fatter around the middle and I… View Post

2015: My Year in Review

Gosh, so much has happened in 2015! As 2015 chimed in I was unmarried, childless, working a very well-paid yet challenging job and feeling optimistic about the year ahead. Well, as we get ready to see in 2016 everything has changed (apart from my optimism hopefully!). There have been highs and lows (fortunately mainly highs!) but since January I have: Suffered a stressful period at work and taken the courageous… View Post

Pregnancy Diary Week 11

This week we decided to tell our parents about our pregnancy. We weren’t sure how they were going to respond; both sets of parents are quite practical people so we weren’t expecting any gushing or tears! We decided to have them all round for a meal to tell them all at the same time (my mum’s 70th birthday provided the ideal excuse) as we didn’t want there to be any… View Post

Pregnancy Diary Week 10

Gosh, week 10 of my pregnancy diary! If only I’d know that I’d get to this point when I was nervously at week 5, I might have been a bit more relaxed about this whole pregnancy malarkey. This has been a funny week. I spent the first half of it worrying that I wasn’t suffering from enough nausea (I know, I’m an idiot,  I should be grateful that I feel… View Post