Pregnancy Diary Week 36

This week of pregnancy has been quite eventful really. We had our scan on Tuesday to find out whether the baby was still breech, and got a little bit more than we bargained for as the powers that be decided that, despite a normal growth scan at 34 weeks, the baby is still measuring small, meaning that they want to get her out early. So we’re having a caesarean at… View Post

Pregnancy Diary Week 34

The last week of my pregnancy has been all about the growth scan and the position of baby. As you may know, she’s presented as breech on scans at weeks 28 and 32, and at the 32 week scan it was suggested that we consider a caesarean if she’s still breech at 36 weeks. Added to that, the position of the baby at the 32 week scan meant that the… View Post

Pregnancy Diary Week 33

This week of pregnancy things have continued to all get a bit more real! We had two more NCT classes (I’m going to write about the breastfeeding one separately, I think!) and have been buying more bits to go in the hospital bag(s!). After being a bit unsure as to whether we’d wasted a significant amount of money on NCT classes, now that they’re done I’m really pleased that we… View Post

Pregnancy Diary Week 30

This week of my pregnancy has been all about getting the house ready for baby’s arrival. It’s never just as simple as clearing out whichever room is going to be the nursery, is it?! We had to empty our study to turn it into a spare room so that in turn, the old spare room could become the new nursery. It was a bit of an ordeal, which you can… View Post

Pregnancy Diary Week 29

This week of the pregnancy has mostly been about sorting. All the sorting! And a bit of preparing for labour too. Some wise women who have already had babies suggested to me that I might like to purchase some enormous pants and dark-coloured towels for when I go into hospital. I’m not sure I want to think about the implications of why these things might be necessary but nevertheless I… View Post