I must apologise as I’ve been totally shoddy with the gender reveal for this baby! I’m 25 weeks tomorrow so we’ve known for a while whether we’re having a boy or a girl this time around. I’ve actually had three separate sonographers predict the gender of this baby. Firstly, when I had my pointless kidney scan, the sonographer had an informal look at the baby and we played ‘guess the… View Post

For the past three weeks Little M and I have been attending some complimentary Bop Tots baby classes just outside Norwich. They’re music and movement classes run by Karen, who is so lovely and creates a great rapport with the children as soon as they enter the room. M loves her, which is evidenced by the fact that she’ll willingly tidy up and put away even her favourite toys, props… View Post

This week feels like it’s gone by in a flash! I’ve been making lots of plans for what I want to do with the blog next year, and trying to give M lots of opportunities to go to groups and classes – I think I’m feeling the need to be organised for when the new baby comes! On Tuesday we went to Bop Tots, Wednesday we visited the library for… View Post

*This post contains an affiliate link I mentioned my Christmas Day cooking schedule on Twitter last year and several people said I should write a post about it, but it was Christmas Eve so it felt like it was too late to be of any use to anyone else by that time! By the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll probably be asking yourself, how anal is this woman?! Well, when… View Post

I can’t believe we’re already on week 49 of Living Arrows! I’m feeling pretty chuffed with myself for keeping up with it, to be honest! It’s been my non-negotiable blogging ‘thing’ for this year. I always worry that I won’t have a good enough photograph each week, but in the end I realise that it’s not a photography competition; just a reflection of Little M’s life and how she is… View Post